Email Is the Most Dangerous Threat to Business Security

The era of the online virus is over. Today, being wary of your inbox is the best way to prevent a cyberattack on your business. Threats that prey on email vulnerability use tactics called spear phishing or phishing, and it’s ...

Why Every Vermont Business Needs Cyber Liability Insurance

Does your business need cyber liability insurance? If your company manages customer data, a better question might be how long do you dare go without it. According to security expert Graham Cooley, the average cost per lost or stolen record ...

4 Ways Vermont Auto Dealers Can Use Technology to Save Money

Auto dealers are dynamic businesses that move pretty fast. When your focus is on every new UP that steps onto the lot, it’s easy to miss advancements in technology that can help your operation work more efficiently. As a business ...

How a Helpdesk Can Improve Your Business

Imagine how hard business and life would be without anyone to turn to for help. If your sink breaks, you call a plumber. If your car breaks down, you call a tow truck. If your cell phone is acting funny, ...

Why One IT Technician is Not Enough for Your Business

Do you know how many technologies your business uses? When things are working, it’s easy to forget how many interdependent solutions you rely on to serve your clients and keep the lights on. It’s only when something breaks that you ...

How to Prepare for the Day Your IT Technician Quits

If you have only one IT technician, that person holds the keys to your company’s “technological kingdom.” But sooner or later, he or she will retire or leave for another position. If you haven’t planned for that day, you could ...

Getting Your Business Set up with a Cloud-Based Phone System

There’s nothing worse than losing potential business because you’re not set up to route an incoming call to a key employee who’s stepped out of the office. Routing problems, poor call quality, missed calls, and having no auto attendant are ...

How Vermont Businesses Overspend on Computer Repair

Computers aren’t magic devices, much as we’d like that to be true. Some businesses are comfortable with a “don’t fix it unless it’s broke” approach to computer repair. But that mindset can leave you dealing with unknown costs at unplanned ...

How Much Should Your Company Spend on Managed IT Support?

When it comes to technology, does your company spend money or invest it? That may sound like a trick question, but it’s not. CIO Magazine found that on average, small-to-medium sized businesses (with under $50 million in revenue) spend 6.9% ...

Business Computer Services Every Vermont Company Needs

When it comes to technology, many businesses take the “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” approach. This strategy used to be feasible when your biggest IT issues were a failed hard drive or a jammed printer. Things are different ...

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"…best in the area."

I worked with this group on several projects and are the best in the area. If you are looking for someone to handle a detailed project look no further. One thing that set them apart from the rest for me is the after project follow up I received. They went over the scope of the project with a down to earth overview.


"...extremely knowledgeable, friendly, responsive and affordable."

Vermont Connections has provided IT services to the Town of Westford for over 5 years. They are extremely knowledgeable, friendly, responsive and affordable. They recognize the needs of our office and explain technology in terms we understand. We highly recommend them!

Nanette Rogers Town of Westford

"...they have been our savior."

We have worked with VC for several years. As the world of data security has become scary they have been our savior. They have worked with us to build a system that fits our needs and wants. They are always responsive, and quick to help with whatever we need.

Stephanie Machia Owner
Young's Accounting
Enosburg, VT

"...response time is almost immediate."

Vermont Connections has been serving our technology needs for multiple years; probably ten at least. The VC Team is super responsive, super knowledgeable, super friendly, and the price we pay each month is very fair and appropriate for the services we receive. We can call anytime with a problem or a question and the response time is almost immediate. Thank you VC, you make doing business in a technical world much easier!


"...great professional services…"

Vermont Connections has great professional services with clear and detailed systems. You can rest easy knowing your I.T. support is covered.


"...very accommodating"

Awesome group to work with, very accommodating.

Dan Lynch Apostolates MISSIONARY IMAGE

"Vermont Connections is an extension of our team."

Vermont Connections is an extension of our team. They have come to understand the needs of our business. With changes on how we do our work, they have been instrumental in assisting and providing the needed technical support. They have assisted us in transitioning some of our employees to work at home, secured needed equipment, added necessary communication means and troubleshoot challenges. They have a great team of employees that are on call to support us.

Teri Irish HR Manager
St. Albans Cooperative Creamery

"VT Connections...can deal with any issues... our company is protected and secure"

Ag Venture Financial Services, Inc. has used Vermont Connections to update and enhance our current systems. We are very happy to find a local company. VT Connections has been very swift in their support (virtually and in person). It's very nice to talk to people you've met and recognize names when dealing with issues. Most importantly, we feel since using VT Connections we've added them to our team and feel confident they can deal with any issues we have. We feel our company is protected and secure, and that has proven invaluable.

Sarah Jacobs-King AG Venture Financial Services

"very happy we do business with Vermont Connections and look forward to many more years together"

We have been doing business with Dave and his team at Vermont Connections since 2003, both companies family owned and local. Over the years both have grown but the one thing that remains is the hometown service that is provided.

We have reached out to the support team for so many issues over the years, and they are ALWAYS so helpful, pleasant, understanding, knowledgeable and patient with us. The team is great, we know when we call for support, they are going to do their best to get our issue resolved the first call, they are in constant communication updating us. Thanks Guys!!!!

Dave has done an amazing job with Vermont Connections; he should be proud of himself and everyone that works with him. I am very happy we do business with Vermont Connections and look forward to many more years together.

Judy P. Cold Hollow Family Practice